A Really Cool Lego Bed

Video courtesy of Lego Kids Bedroom Decor

Would you like to build this bed for your Childrens Room? Here is the best deal we could find for you to purchase large Lego bricks with which to construct a bed ( or beds ). Go ahead – give it a try – or make a Lego bed of your own design – or just get a set of these huge bricks for you and your children to play with!

Mass Bricks – Megablock Lego Block Set

Megablock Lego Block Set

Product Description:

Made out of strong, but light-weight polypropylene, these colorful lego bricks are a great size for children of all ages. Let them give reign to their imagination. They can be used to make bookshelves, chairs, tables, thrones – even a Lego bed. Contains 121 pieces of varying size and shape.

Price: $241.00

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